Monday, July 27, 2009

About face

I promised a friend to try facebook for one week. I always thought myself too old for facebook and it seems so narcissistic. So, I'm trying it.

It is still narcissistic. And limiting to someone who tends to use a whole lot of words. It's also really fun to see what others in the world are doing, a way of quickly catching up.

But I already spend too much time on the computer! I can see this facebook thing could become a huge time suck for someone as undisciplined as me. Plus, I'm not sure I really have the hang of it, learning the lingo and how to navigate has been a challenge. Maybe I'm just not smart enough for facebook. I need to channel my inner Al Frankin.

It has been five days and the jury is still out.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Muse, Old Muse

I've started weaving again, after a long hiatus. My return to my old favorite art form was facilitated in part by my massive cleaning of the kids bedrooms. Once all the broken and unused toys, the long unread books, outgrown clothes and general junk was removed, I discovered that the boys room could really use a couple of chairs and a rug. I'm not all that into chair making, but have been saving old clothes and fabric for years, limiting myself to one giant Rubbermaid tub each for woven, knits and denim.

I took five pairs of Mark's old pants, put them in a dye bath so that each is a slightly different shade of denim blue, cut and stripped them, dressed the loom and began weaving. Dressing the room is a daunting task after three or four years off. Despite rereading my instructions, and with many interruptions, it took the better part of a week to get the warp wound and beamed. Even though I checked a few times, I managed to cross some threads in the heddle and did not admit to this until I had a good foot or two woven. Not being a perfectionist, I cut the threads and called it a design element. This left three threads loose at the back beam, so I weighted them with toys I found lying around. They look cute dangling there, don't they?

Another reason or the weaving is that I have two pairs of socks on needles, both knitted from the cuff down, both at the most boring part - past the heel and heading to the toe. All I have to look forward to is the toe and that doesn't hold enough interest. I could have just cast on another pair with different needles (I do two at a time on two circulars), but realized how ridiculous this is. So, I'm weaving when at home and knitting on the instep when I'm not. My blog has been suffering for the weaving, though. I have many, many projects lined up in my head now that I have the weaving bug back!